Sub Zero Fridge repair in Sun City, Texas

Welcome to Sub Zero Repair Center, where we help homeowners repair and fix their Sub Zero brand appliances. Our professional service team is ready to solve and repair any issues, and we are not afraid of any repair challenges. Our repair team has over 20 years of experience servicing Sub Zero refrigerators. Call us today to schedule a repair appointment with one of our friendly representatives. If you have a technical question, one of our repair experts will call you back. Call us at (512) 798-0117 to book an appointment on the same day.

We Provide Top-Quality Sub Zero Fridge Repair in Sun City, TX

When we say top-quality service, we mean a professional Sub Zero-trained repair team, insured and licensed, EPA certified, using service vehicles packed with Sub Zero spare parts to repair broken Sub Zero refrigerators on the same day. Experience is a must when it comes to Sub Zero appliances. Our team has a long history of repairing Sub Zeros, even fridges with an old type of freon R12. Our satisfaction guarantee means that all our repairs have a warranty on labor and parts for up to one year, and our warranty is the best in the business in the Sun City area.

Our dispatchers are trained to quickly address emergency appointments and send a field repair technician to the customer’s property to evaluate and repair the appliance. That is why we guarantee top-quality Sub Zero fridge repair in Sun City and the best service. Call us at (512) 798-0117 to describe the issue and book an appointment on the same day.

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We Service, Repair, and Fix Sub Zero Refrigerators

Our technicians fix any problems with Sub Zero refrigerators of any complexity, from a simple repair of drain cleaning labor to a sealed system rebuilt on the refrigerators using old Freon type R12 or the newer 134A. Our EPA-licensed technicians know how to recover Freon from the sealed system properly and completely rebuild your Sub Zero fridge. Our technicians can fix the Sub Zero refrigerator and replace the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and heat exchanger. These are the most complicated repairs, and you can trust our technicians at Sub Zero Appliance Repair Center with an absolute satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty.

Common Sub Zero Fridge Repair Tips And Repair Solutions

  1. The refrigerator compressor is too hot. The possible condenser coil is blocked and needs vacuuming. If vacuuming the condenser coil does not help, a Sub Zero repair technician must replace the compressor. 
  2.  The refrigerator is not defrosting. Possible failed parts include a defrost heater, defrost bimetal, a defrost terminator, or the main control board. In the old Sub Zero refrigerators, a defrost timer is used instead of the control board. The tech needed to evaluate and check all the parts for continuity and proper voltage.
  3. Refrigerant Freon recharge. If the freon level is low, the refrigerator will run continuously and not get cold enough. It’s almost impossible to find where freon leaks in the sealed system made of copper tubes. In order to solve this issue, the evaporator coil, the heat exchanger, and the filter dryer must be replaced. We highly recommend hiring local professionals like us at Sub Zero Appliance Repair Center to fix Sub Zero refrigerators with freon leak issues. We at Sub Zero repair center offer top-quality Sub Zero fridge repair in Sun City and can help you fix it on the same day.
  4.  The refrigerator is not working at all. Check the outlet for the proper voltage. If the voltage is okay, then check the voltage to the control main—possibly a failed control board.
  5.  The refrigerator is freezing food—possibly a failed thermistor or wiring to the thermistors. Sometimes, the connection to the thermistors gets corrosion due to moisture, and sensitivity disappears. If the thermistors read continuity ok and there is no corrosion, check the connection to the thermistors. Also, when the unit is low on freon, the cooling function will get high or low temperature. If the freon level is ok, replace the thermostat or cold control. Replace thermistors or main control board in the newly made Sub Zero refrigerator model. 
  6. The freezer only freezes the bottom shelf. The evaporator fan motor needs to be replaced.
  7. Water leakage under the refrigerator. Cracked drain pan or cracked water valve housing.
  8. Moisture on the Refrigerator Door. Possible door gasket, a blocked condenser coil. Check for the door to close properly. Sometimes, excessive food might block the door from closing all the way.
  9. The ice maker doesn’t make ice. First, check the water supply to make sure there is pressure on the line. Then, check the water valve for proper operation. If the water valve tests okay, then replace the ice maker. 
  10. Ice build-up in freezer. Possibly, the unit is low on freon or a defrost system failure.
  11. The ice maker is overflowing. The arm level is out and must be inserted back into the ice maker. If the ice maker visually looks okay, it must be replaced. The problem is with the ice maker module. 
  12. The fresh food compartment is warming up. The unit is low on freon. This type of repair requires a professional Sub Zero repair tech.
  13. The freezer is cold, but the refrigerator is warm. This is a common description of the problem when the refrigerator’s sealed system is low on freon. Sub Zero refrigerators use two separate sealed systems: the freezer section and the fresh food side section. Both systems work independently. We offer the fastest and best service to fix Sub Zero refrigerators on the same day.

Refrigerator Sub Zero Repair And Maintenance

Look only as far as Sub Zero Appliance Repair Center for professional refrigerator Sub Zero repair services. Our highly skilled technicians have the knowledge and expertise to handle all your repair needs. We proudly serve areas such as Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Lakeway, Lago Vista, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Sun City, and West Lake Hills. We are committed to using genuine parts and delivering exceptional service, ensuring top-quality service and professionalism. Trust us to diagnose and fix any issues with your Sub-Zero fridge, restoring it to peak performance as it worked when it was brand new. Call us to receive the Sub Zero fridge repair in Sun City today!!

Looking For A Sub Zero Repair Near Me?

The first thing any homeowner does after getting a surprise puddle under the fridge or spoiled milk in the fridge is to search the internet for a Sub Zero repair near me. But how do you know which appliance repair company is best for you and which company you can trust with your expensive fridge? Our techs are professional repair experts in the appliance repair industry for many years. We carry only Sub Zero OEM genuine parts in our service vehicles and repair and fix Sub Zero refrigerators on the same day. Our exceptional customer service, satisfaction guarantee, and one-year warranty have no match in the area, and our Sub Zero fridge repair in Sun City is the best service available.